Open Session: November 16, 2022

The November 2022 SIGCHI EC open session.

Recording, YouTube.

We began by presenting two ongoing discussion items— (1) our data access/use policy and (2) our policy on extending complimentary SIGCHI membership to our conference attendees.

Regarding (1), Helena Mentis and Kash Todi are working towards a policy that can guide those in the process of gathering data from SIGCHI conferences/community members, re: how they store/present it to the community. This is still a work in progress, but we will share it for feedback once we have a draft policy.

Regarding (2), Naomi Yamashita and Neha Kumar have been in touch with ACM to devise workflows for offering complimentary SIGCHI membership to those who attend our conferences. The rationale behind this is that we would like to consider our conference communities "automatically" members of SIGCHI, eligible for member benefits, etc... but this will need some discussion with conferences, since it could possibly affect revenue from non-members. The next step for this discussion item is to bring it to the conference steering committees.

We then heard from Naveena Karusala (chair of the Futuring SIGCHI Committee) who wrote about the early days of this committee in a blog post gathering feedback and new ideas for what the committee might do in the future. Next steps involve creating teams within the committee and writing proposals and determining potential synergies that exist while also conserving volunteer energy. Potential resources include Andrew Miller's podcast. View the summary slide of ideas the committee is considering.

In miscellaneous updates, Andrew Kun mentioned that we are soliciting nominations for (the six types of) SIGCHI Awards, with December 5 as the deadline for 2022 (with no plans to extend). He also shared some tips on submitting nominations successfully, emphasizing that the nominations should focus on the contribution and not the person being nominated. Adriana Vivacqua, VP Global, provided an update on the makeup and goals of the Global Committee which was created in an effort to increase SIGCHI's global presence. The Hybrid Working Group has also been started which will look at and create guidelines for conferences to host hybrid events with more consistency and direction. Susan Dray, VP Partnerships, provided an update on the goals of the newly created Partnerships Committee and the makeup of the committee members. Simone Kriglstein, VP Comms, provided an update on the newly formed Comms Committee which will exist to focus on social media channels and website redesign. The first meeting will occur in December to determine specific tasks and next steps. Neha mentioned that there is now a Mastodon account on aimed at our HCI community, and asked if anyone in the room had any thoughts/concerns around SIGCHI's presence on Twitter and/or Mastodon.

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Wed Nov 16 2022

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1:30:00 PM - 2:30:00 PM