SIGCHI Development Fund

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The SIGCHI Development Fund provides resources for the SIGCHI community to spur communication, innovation, and expansion of HCI in alignment with the SIGCHI Executive Committee’s Strategic Initiatives. There used to be a quarterly deadline for proposals, but we have since done away with it. Our members are invited to submit proposals to our call at any time, and expect a response within 1-1.5 months. We therefore recommend that applications are submitted at least 3 months before the event is planned. If you cannot access the form, please contact All proposals submitted should be in support of one or more of the SIGCHI Strategic Initiatives. Pay close attention to the description associated with each strategic initiative as activities that do not directly speak to the goals outlined will not be funded.

There are many different types of activities that can be supported by this fund, though our current focus is on virtual/hybrid events and initiatives. In general though, the activities SIGCHI prefers to support include but are not limited to the following:

  • Events for connecting different communities, which could be in the sense of geography, discipline or academics/industry etc.
  • Tutoring or paper writing workshops for new authors to submit  to SIGCHI-sponsored conferences.
  • Summer schools or mentoring activities.
  • Sending representatives (local leaders or students) from local communities to major SIGCHI events.
  • Events to promote/support diversity and inclusion at a SIGCHI sponsored conference.
  • Mechanisms to support underrepresented groups (disciplinarily or demographically) to present at a SIGCHI sponsored conference.

What makes a good proposal?

A proposal should, in general, address the following questions and provide any other information about the event/initiative that seems relevant:

  1. Title: What is the event/initiative to be called?
  2. People: Who speaks for, and take responsibility for this event/initiative? Who else is on the team? What are their qualifications?
  3. Strategic Initiative: What strategic initiatives is it supporting and in what way?
  4. Schedule: When will the event/initiative start and end?
  5. Audience: What SIGCHI audience is being targeted?
  6. Goals: What will be the outcome of the event/initiative? What do you hope to achieve? How might you define success?
  7. Budget & Budget Justification: What are the costs and income associated with the event/initiative? Specify what other sources of funding you have secured or applied for. Specify which costs will be covered by the SIGCHI grant. Please ensure that ACM (Sade Rodriguez) has approved the expenses associated with your budget before incurring any costs.
  8. Communicating Out: Plan for dissemination of results or activities to the SIGCHI membership and any other relevant communities.

How are proposals reviewed?

Proposals can be submitted by any SIGCHI member. You are welcome to discuss your proposal with a member of the Executive Committee (EC) in advance, but it is not required. Each proposal submitted is reviewed by the SIGCHI EC, who will make a final decision regarding funding the proposal and communicate the feedback and outcome to you within 1-1.5 months on average. The criteria for funding are listed below.

  1. The organizing committee has the relevant experience to signify success and a team with complimentary skills. We expect proposals to come from members of the SIGCHI community (rather than to be proposed by member of the SIGCHI EC or conference leadership).
  2. The proposal must directly address a SIGCHI EC Strategic Initiative; the project must be relevant to and provide value to SIGCHI members.
  3. There must be a well-defined and explained schedule/plan and clearly defined outcomes; there must also be a plan for sharing results to the SIGCHI members and any other relevant communities.
  4. The budget must be clearly defined and suitable; a plan for other sponsors is appropriate to submit but not required.

How are funds disbursed?

  1. If you are awarded a SIGCHI Development Fund grant you should be aware of this guidance on allowable costs, reimbursements, and any use of travel grants.
  2. SIGCHI Development funding will not pay for labor cost of ACM and/or SIGCHI members.
  3. SIGCHI Development funding discourages the purchase of equipment. If, however, equipment is absolutely required and cannot be provided by others, please discuss this first via email with the SIGCHI Development Fund committee.
  4. Awarded proposals are only for the time period specified in the proposal; if there is a significant deviation in the time period of the activity, then you must request an extension and requests cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Invoices for large purchases or contracts can be sent to the ACM for direct payment. The ACM also has a form for reimbursements of smaller costs incurred by the organizers.
  6. Travel grants are managed through an online system which will be set up with the proposal contact. The proposal contact will enter a list of recipients including their emails and the amount awarded. When finalized, emails with the appropriate form will go out to the travel grant recipient to fill out and return with receipts.
  7. ACM accepts scanned copies of receipts, or originals via mail or courier if the person prefers. Receipts are required for all expenses $25 and over. ACM can process payment for checks or wire transfers. Please note that if you reside in the United States, only a check will be processed for the reimbursement. Payment can be received between 2-3 weeks depending on the form of payment.
  8. It is important to note that all financial claims are guided by our SIGCHI Volunteer Reimbursement Policy and ACM policies on what can be claimed and how.