Open sessions: Imagining SIGCHI Futures, April 22/25, 2022

SIGCHI turned 40 this year! This milestone gave us an opportunity to not only celebrate and reflect on how far HCI has come as a field, but also imagine its future trajectories.

In this pair of open sessions (on April 22 & April 25), we took stock of SIGCHI’s past and present and envisioned how it might evolve over the next few decades along the dimensions the community cares about most, such as infrastructures for mentorship, sustainability, accessibility, among others.

These sessions were a precursor to the “SIGCHI Turns 40” SIG at CHI 2022, where we continued to develop aspirations and, importantly, concrete avenues towards a thriving SIGCHI community.

To sustain these brainstorming efforts, this open session and the SIG informed the workings of the new Futuring SIGCHI committee, through which early career professionals can lead projects that help realize community visions for SIGCHI.

April 22: Collaborative notes, Recording (Zoom).

April 25: Collaborative notes, Recording (Zoom).

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Fri Apr 22 2022

Local time (UTC)

12:00:00 AM - 1:00:00 AM