Open Sessions: Futures Summit Codesign, January 19/23, 2023

About the Futures Summit.

During the two codesign sessions:

Attendees introduced themselves on chat, mentioning which parts of SIGCHI they represent and what they expect to gain from and contribute to the Futures Summit.

Neha Kumar set the intent for the discussion and Hao-Chuan Wang summarized the views of the applicants.

Next, we introduced the 3-day agenda.

Participants then broke out into rooms to discuss these questions.

  • How can we best engage our online participants and make this an “online-first” event

  • What deliverables do we want to see at the end of our three-day event?

  • How do we extend these conversations to include the rest of the SIGCHI community

  • What do we want the current/next EC to pick up?

The EC identified action items and thanked everyone for their feedback.

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Fri Jan 19 2024

Local time (UTC)

2:00:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM