Open session: April 20, 2022

The April 2022 EC open session covered updates on:

  • Alcohol policy

  • Asia SIGCHI Committee

  • Development Fund and Futuring SIGCHI Committee

  • SIGCHI Turns 40 celebrations

  • By-laws updates

  • Equity Committee

  • Publications

  • CHI 2022 events

Recording, YouTube.


  • New policy prohibiting direct spending on alcohol was approved (Andrew Kun)

  • New EC subcommittees being formed: Asia SIGCHI Committee (Naomi Yamashita), Chapters (Matt Jones), Publications (Pejman Mirza-Babaei), Equity (Cale Passmore)

  • Community Development updates on the Gary Marsden Travel Award, SIGCHI Development Fund, and Sustainability efforts (Luigi De Russis)

  • Proposal to add Vice President for Accessibility position to EC bylaws (Stacy Branham)

  • SIGCHI Events at CHI 2022 (Kristi Audette)

Andrew Kun (Vice President of Finance) announced the results of last month’s vote on the updated alcohol policy. The Executive Committee voted in favor of the new policy that does not permit direct EC spending on alcohol. This policy will go into effect July 1, 2022 and does not apply to conferences.  

Naomi Yamashita (Vice President at Large) gave an overview a new EC sub-committee being formed under her leadership, the Asia SIGCHI Committee. She introduced the six members of the committee, three of whom were in attendance at the meeting: Yung-Ju (Stanley) Chang, Shiwei Cheng, Briane Paul V. Samson, Suleman Shahid, Pushpendra Singh, Chat Wacharamanotham. Naomi also described the three projects the committee will be focused on: (1) Developing resources for HCI education in Asia (led by Stanley), (2) Understanding barriers/gaps and needs in Asia (led by Chat), and (3) Enhancing HCI awareness in Asia (led by Pushpendra).

Matt Jones (Vice President of Chapters) also introduced members of the newly formed Chapters Committee: Jeni Paay. Their first meeting was held earlier this month and they are planning a virtual meeting during CHI in New Orleans. Their goal is to help SIGCHI chapters to be vibrant and energized together.

Luigi De Russis (Adjunct Chair for Community Support) presented slides which announced that the application deadline for the Gary Marsden Travel Award was extended from March 9th to March 15th since the program started to support physical travel at the beginning of the month. They opened up a new cycle for CHI 2022 travel awards. There were a total of 85 awardees (82 were for travel to CHI) from 22 countries. Additionally, since in-person activities have recently started, the SIGCHI Development Fund will be taking applications for the following: (1) virtual events (up to $5,000 can be requested), (2) in-person events (up to $10,000 can be requested), and (3) Sustainability efforts (up to $5,000 can be requested). Luigi also announced that we will be starting a Futuring SIGCHI Community for developing students and early career professionals.

Stacy Branham (Adjunct Chair for Accessibility) gave an update on proposed changes to the SIGCHI Executive Committee Bylaws. We are proposing that the Adjunct Chair for Accessibility position be transitioned to a Vice President position in the EC. Currently the AC for Accessibility position is not included in the ByLaws and thus could be eliminated in the future. Transitioning the position into a Vice President role would ensure Accessibility efforts in the EC are sustained on a more permanent basis. The next steps in the proposal process are that (1) the EC votes on the proposed change and (2) if approved, the proposed changes are iteratively integrated into the bylaws.

Cale Passmore (Adjunct Chair for Equity) proposed the formation of a committee on Equity that would be responsible for taking initiative on a series of iterative projects including: (1) coordinating with equity chairs across conferences, (2) looking back at past initiatives, and (3) looking forward to future initiatives and policies.

Pejman Mirza-Babaei (Vice President for Publications) oversees publication matters for SIGCHI conferences and is currently proposing the formation of a Publications Committee. This committee would support the VP for Publications’ responsibilities, which include working with program and paper chairs to support publication processes, supporting community members with courses and workshops, and working with ACM for publication processes. The EC is currently reviewing the proposal for the committee. Once approved, the EC will follow the open call process to recruit and appoint members for the committee.

SIGCHI Events @ CHI: Kristi Audette (SIGCHI EC Project Manager) announced that there will be a session on 4/21 with ACM for conference leaders and steering committees (the Council of Steering Committee Chairs) where they will be discussing TAPS and Publication Accessibility. Additionally, Kristi announced SIGCHI events that will be held at CHI 2022 which include:

  • 5/1 Volunteer Appreciation for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 committees

  • Lifetime of Research, Practice, and Service award talks

  • Townhalls (one virtual and one in-person/hybrid)

  • Exchange booth and Rest and Recharge station in the exhibit lounge

  • SIGCHI Turns 40 plenary panel

  • SIGs on hybrid conferences, equity, and one organized by the Latin American Committee

  • Chapters breakfast

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Wed Apr 20 2022

Local time (UTC)

12:00:00 PM - 1:00:00 PM