EC Working, May 23, 2023

The monthly SIGCHI EC working meeting for May 2023 covered a variety of topics.

Guidelines for conference leaders: The EC is developing guidelines for steering committees of SIGCHI sponsored and co-sponsored conferences. These guidelines will help lay down the responsibilities of steering and guiding conference series. The current version of the Guidelines has been presented by the VP Conferences and intensively discussed with the EC. The finalized Guidelines will be put to a vote by the EC in the coming weeks.

Publication appeals process: The current process (as published in 2019) will be updated to clarify who of the conference organizers are included, how the appeal moves to ACM, and how the EC should be informed of the process.  VP Conferences together with VP Publications will be working on a revised version and put these out for a vote in the coming meetings.

New conferences: The SIGCHI EC discussed developing a strategic document on how to guide adding and removing SIGCHI sponsored and co-sponsored conferences. The SIGCHI president will take the lead on this and get inputs from the rest of the EC before putting this in a blog post online.

Hybrid experiences for SIGCHI events: The SIGCHI EC (and its Hybrid Working Group) continues to work towards hybrid experiences. The EC discussed how this work should proceed, including asynchronous interactions, as well as possible (hybrid) meetings. The EC and the HWG will collaborate to come up with a set of guidelines, taking input from ACM and VP Ops.

No votes were taken.

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Tue May 23 2023

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2:30:00 PM - 3:30:00 PM