EC Working, January 26, 2023

In its January 2023 working meeting, the SIGCHI EC discussed several topics.

  • The Executive Committee discussed the steps related to due diligence once the awardees were shortlisted by the awards committee.

  • The Vice President of Conferences brought up conference overheads, leading a discussion on whether or not conferences should be asked to cover their full overheads, which ACM charges SIGCHI at 16%.

  • The Vice President of Finance outlined the process for deciding on the FY24 budget.

  • The Executive Committee discussed GROUP's last-minute change of conference location due to the hurricane.

  • The President/EVP brought up Executive Committee events at CHI, suggesting that planning should begin soon.

  • The Past President proposed the Data Working Group, and asked for a vote to start recruiting.

  • The President shared miscellaneous quick updates, and then the meeting ran out of time.

Event type



Thu Jan 26 2023

Local time (UTC)

3:30:00 PM - 5:00:00 PM