The SIGCHI mailing and discussion lists are open to all interested people and do not require ACM or SIGCHI membership. Posting to the lists is moderated to avoid spam, irrelevant posts, and subscription queries, but are generally open to to any people, whether subscribers or not. Many lists are archived and searchable on the Web.

About our mailing lists

SIGCHI-MEMBERS is for SIGCHI members only and only contains announcements from the SIGCHI Executive Committee and the ACM. 

Moderated lists

CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS is an open-subscription mailing list for non-commercial announcements of general interest to the ACM SIGCHI members. The focus of the list is the announcement of events such as conferences and workshops. Please be considerate of members and avoid posting the same CfP more than once a week. We also accept research and education opportunities in this mailing list.

CHI-JOBS is for vacancies including doctoral and post-doc positions.

CHI-RESOURCES is for announcements of publications (from any source), commercial events such as courses, seminars, commercial conferences and other events, and resources such as Software and hardware products, Books, journals, web sites and mailing lists of interest to HCI practitioners.

Moderated List Policies

Postings are welcome in all languages, but an English translation must be provided. Postings in other languages with no translation will be rejected.

Repeat postings are be permitted with the following guidelines:

  • Events: Initial announcement, reminder and final call (i.e. max 3).
  • All other announcements: Initial announcement and then only substantial updates (new versions, etc).

Posts must be kind, courteous, and cannot contain hate speech, bulling, harassment, or spam.  Post must comply with our policies

Repeat offenders (individual or organizations) to our policy may be permanently blocked.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to a list, send email from the account where you will receive the mail to with body like:

subscribe chi-fakelist Ada Lovelace

replace “chi-fakelist” with the name of the list and replace “Ada Lovelace” with your name.  You can unsubscribe in a similar way, just email:

 unsubscribe chi-fakelist

You can optionally also make an account on the server with the same email address you used to subscribe and manage your subscriptions

List of Lists

Anything else?

If you would like to create a list to discuss a topic not covered by the existing lists or need to change a list that’s not here (like an internal SIGCHI distribution list), just contact us.