Tuomo Kujala in SIGCHI Leaders

Tuomo Kujala

Assistant Professor, University of Jyväskylä (cognitive science)

In my research, I am interested in attention, multitasking and distraction. I believe that better understanding of the human mind and intelligence can help us develop more intelligent human-computer interactions. My models of drivers’ visual sampling on road help to find user interface, driving scenario, as well as individual factors affecting driver distraction in traffic. The results can be utilized, for instance, in developing safer and smarter in-car user interfaces for the driver.



1. What is your role on the SIGCHI executive committee? Why are you interested in serving the community in this role?

I am an ACM SIGCHI Vice President for Chapters. SIGCHI Local Chapters help the ACM SIGCHI community to promote and advance research and profession of human-computer interaction locally and around the globe. For the developing parts of the world, Local Chapters often serve as the first front to promote HCI education, research and practice in the region. I think it is important to help new local HCI communities to get together, grow and flourish, in particular in those regions of the world where HCI is still immature (as a profession, discipline and/or field of research).

(Link to bylaws)


2. What is the impact SIGCHI has on the HCI world?

SIGCHI, as a global community of HCI researchers, professionals and students, has all the means and resources to have a real impact in the way our technological development shall progress now and in the future. The human-technology interface is rapidly changing and becoming ubiquitous, which means that there is a significant amount of work to be done by this community to ensure that the smart technologies of the future will be as beneficial as possible for the humanity and the globe. SIGCHI provides concrete means, resources and infrastructures, such as publications, conferences, development funds and local chapters to help the HCI community in this work.


3. Is there room for improvement in SIGCHI as an entity? How might we think about SIGCHI a bit differently?

We should not think SIGCHI as an external organization but think about ourselves (the members) the ones who make this community. We should maybe ask what I could do more for this community (for the cause mentioned above) instead of asking what SIGCHI could do for me.


4. What is your favourite part about being a SIGCHI member?

The connections being a SIGCHI member provides for me as an academic researcher.


5. Write down 3 awesome reasons why everybody should be part of the SIGCHI community.

    1. Network!
    2. Get impacted!
    3. Impact!
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