Development Fund

ACM SIGCHI aims to support international and interdisciplinary initiatives for the exchange of ideas about the field of human-computer interaction. The SIGCHI Executive Committee “Development Fund” provides resources to alleviate some of the constraints that can stifle the exchange of ideas across our diverse community and around the world.

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SIGCHI-sponsored conferences share the same format for their paper publications. Below are documents that not only describe this format, but they also appear in the conference format. You can replace the content with your own to help you follow the formatting rules. Styles are used to make it easy to adhere to the format. These documents can be used as templates for your submissions and, if accepted, to help you produce your camera-ready copy.

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The SIGCHI Awards recognize and honor leaders and shapers within the field of human-computer interaction. Recipients are normally chosen from reasonably active members of the SIGCHI Community.

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This page includes the ACM SIGCHI Curricula for Human-Computer Interaction. It also contains the resources generated from the SIGCHI Education project that ran from 2011-2014.

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HCI Bibliography

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Public Policy

Public policy increasingly plays a role in influencing the work that we do as HCI researchers, interaction designers, and practitioners. Public policy is a broad term that includes both government policy but also policy coming from non-governmental organizations such as standards bodies. Government policies are sometimes limited to a single country, and sometimes involve more complex governing structures (e.g. the European Union), but the community of HCI researchers and designers is worldwide. It is important that members of SIGCHI, who are knowledgeable about interfaces and interaction design, inform policy makers about the existing research, and create standards and guidelines that can be adopted by governments around the world.

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