May 2017 Volunteer Spotlight

Hui-Shyong Yeo bio photo

Hui-Shyong Yeo
I am a second year PhD student in the SACHI research group in University of St Andrews, supervised by Prof. Aaron Quigley. I am very passionate about HCI research, in particular novel interaction techniques that transcend the barrier between human and computers. For the past 3.5 years, I have been actively sharing HCI related information on this free Facebook fanpage (, including latest research breakthroughs, papers and videos. By becoming a SIGCHI Ambassador I hope to continue and extend my outreach effort, introduce HCI to more people and improve the HCI research community by highlighting and sharing interesting and exciting findings.

Rita Orji bio photo

Rita Orji
I am a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow with the School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo and also I hold a Visiting Senior Lecturing position with the Dept. of Computer Science at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a Specialization in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). There are two major motivations to serve as a SIGCHI Ambassador: First, my research interest and expertise is in the broad area of Interactive Systems and Human Behaviour and Interactive Systems for the Under-served Populations including Persuasive and Assistive Systems, Serious Games, Behaviour Change Systems, and Personalized and Adaptive Systems which are active HCI research areas. Secondly, as a researcher, I have benefited from the generosity of SIGCHI. I’m motivated to contribute to the community that have nurtured and helped me to develop as a researcher. Serving as an Ambassador provides me the opportunity to do that and also reach out to other visible minorities.

Konstantinos Papangelis bio photo

Konstantinos Papangelis
I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool (PRC) and an Honorary Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Liverpool (UK). My main motivation for becoming an SIGCHI communications ambassador is grounded in my belief that community engagement, and communication and outreach activities are vital for generating impactful research and inclusively advancing the field of knowledge.

Gokce Elif Baykal bio photo

Gökçe Elif Baykal
I am a PhD Candidate and research assistant in Design, Technology & Society Program at Koç University, İstanbul, Turkey. I am a member of Happern (Interactive Information Design Research Group), and Language and Cognition Lab. Her research combines findings in cognitive development in early spatial learning and child-centered interaction design methods. My interest in children’s media has started with my six year experience in the children’s television industry as a freelance screenwriter. My enthusiasm grows for developing and delivering research-driven content to children, and communicating with experts in HCI field about theoretically grounded innovative technology to design and construct the future.

Upasna Bhandari bio photo

Upasna Bhandari
I am a PhD candidate at National University of Singapore. I received my Masters from Delhi technological University (formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering, India). My research interests include human-computer interaction, emotions using NeuroIS, adoption and continued use of digital media. I publish in premier IS journals like Computers in Human Behavior, top-ranked conferences and workshops like International Conference Information Systems (ICIS), International Conference on Human Computer Interaction (HCII) and ACM CHI. As SIGCHI communications Ambassador I can be at the forefront of HCI related research and upcoming trends.

Mario Montagud bio photo

Mario Montagud
I hold a PhD degree in Telecommunications (Cum Laude, 2015). My topics of interest include Computer Networks, Interactive and Immersive Media, Synchronization, HCI and QoE. I am a member of the TPC of several international conferences (ACM MM, TVX, MMSYS…), co-organizer of the international MediaSync Workshop series, and member of the Editorial Board of international journals, including the ACM SIGMM Records. I am also lead editor of “MediaSync: Handbook on Multimedia Synchronization”. I will contribute to disseminate news and relevant information about the interests of the SIGCHI community (in English, Spanish and Valencian).


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