Kids in Design Group


Kids in Design Group

Maarten Van Mechelen @MPPVM


Open call for researchers and practitioners with an interest in designing technology for and with children to become a member of the KID (Kids in Design) Group.

The KID Group consists of a multidisciplinary group of 13 researchers from a wide range of European institutions including TU Delft, TU Twente, Haagse Hogeschool, NTNU and Koç University. For more than 5 years, the group has been meeting two times a year, usually in the Netherlands, to discuss ideas and research insights. Topics that have been addressed include, among others, group dynamics between children during co-design activities, involving children as co-researchers, designing robot behavior and TUIs with children, and analyzing children’s contributions resulting from co-design activities. What characterizes the KID meetings is the atmosphere of trust that allows for mutual learning between the participants, and the fact that participants co-determine the discussion topics and activities. In addition to the sharing of knowledge, the meetings have yielded joint publications in the field of Child-Computer Interaction, and led to the organization of an academic workshop at the ACM SIGCHI IDC Conference in Stanford in the Summer of 2017. In the coming years, similar outcomes are aimed for.

If you are willing to participate in one or two full-day meetings per year to share insights on designing for and with children, please send a short motivation to


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