Child Interaction with Technology in Classrooms of Developing Countries


Child Interaction with Technology in Classrooms of Developing Countries

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal


In this age of rapid growth of the modern technologies in the education, there is need to develop the low cost solutions for the less developed areas of the world. In many countries of the world students’ ratio to teachers is much higher which is creating large class size problems. This creates hurdles for the teachers to engage the whole class, conducting their assessment and creating parents teacher interaction.
My research is focusing on the development of a low-cost solution to create children interaction and increasing engagement in the classroom. After analyzing the problems being faced by the teachers and students, I developed a Smartphone application for the teachers to help in managing the class, conducting tests and producing results using the OCR technology.

The main goal of this research was to bring an innovative pedagogy for the teacher which can help them to create classroom engagement and frequent assessment easily.
There was a great response towards the adaptation of this smart concept. It helped the teachers to get students engagement with them more effectively as compared the manual method.
If you want to read complete detail about my project, It is published in the ACM GROUP 2018 titled as “Enhancing Collaboration in Classroom Using Smartphone in Developing Countries” and in INTERACT 2017 as “Versatile Classroom Management Solution for Teachers in Developing Countries


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