Volunteer Spotlight

SIGCHI relies on the contributions of volunteers in order to achieve its mission. The Volunteer Spotlight serves to profile some of the many volunteers who donate their time to SIGCHI.

SIGCHI Ambassadors

SIGCHI Ambassadors are volunteers from around the world who spread the word about SIGCHI’s mission and members’ activities across the globe. They regularly provide content on what is going on in a specific part of the world, share exciting news by translating them from the local language to English, so it can be shared on a global scale through the SIGCHI social media channels.

There are currently 32 active SIGCHI Ambassadors. Six ambassadors will be profiled in each spotlight.

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Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo “JP” Carrascal
I am a HCI/UX researcher and musician, currently working as design researcher for Microsoft. I am passionate about understanding the relation between humans and technology. I have conducted HCI research in both academia and industry and within diverse cultural environments. I am interested in helping to increase the visibility of SIGCHI activities to the general public, as well as promoting HCI research in countries underrepresented in the global HCI community, including his native Colombia.
Maarten Van Mechelen

Maarten Van Mechelen
Belgian postdoc at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. Former Senior Researcher at the Meaningful Interactions Lab (KU Leuven – imec). My work focuses on developing meaningful technology for and with children through a reflective research and design process. I thereby draw from the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. My ambition as a SIGCHI Communication Ambassador is to connect with other researchers worldwide, to facilitate collaboration and mutual learning between members of the community, and to increase SIGCHI’s overall visibility.
Yudistira Yanuar Rizki Hermawan

Yudistira Yanuar Rizki Hermawan
My name is Yudistira Hermawan and you can call me Yudis. I’m an UI UX Designer from one of startup company in Jakarta, Indonesia. I got my diplomas from polytechnic state of bandung for Informatics Engineering Major. I really like to meet and knowing new people because I can learn many stories and life from them. I am eager to have more knowledge about human-technology and human-computer interaction (HCI). It has been a long dream of mine to be able to explore more deeply on HCI in multi-cultural backgrounds because that I know Indonesian doesn’t have any school with HCI Major yet. And more importantly, I would like to learn about HCI from a worldwide perspective and meet all people that have more experience and knowledge about that.
Chandni Rajendran

Chandni Rajendran
I am a graduate student of Interaction Design at IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. My research and work centres around digital accessibility, education, and information visualisation. Last year, I made it to the top four at the ACM CHI’16 Student Design Competition, and was also a presenter at UXIndia ’16, speaking about assistive technology. More recently, I was awarded the Zee 24 Taas Young Innovator Award for research and design in assistive technology for education. I have been handling social media, and newsletter publications for my design school, and I am actively interested in connecting the HCI community in meaningful ways.
June HAN

June HAN
I am a first-year master’s student of Hope Laboratory in the department of transdisciplinary science and engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. I received a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering in Republic of Korea. I am interested in Human-Computer Interaction, exploring visual impairment and human technology through transdisciplinary research. As an ACM SIGCHI Communication Ambassador, I want to encourage researchers to engage with human/social aspects of technology, and HCI in order to tackle problems such as terminal disability and aging society with technology usage.
Laura Sanely Gaytan Lugo (Sane)

Laura Sanely Gaytan Lugo (Sane)
My name is Sane, I’m an adjunct professor at the University of Colima in Mexico at the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. My research interests include serious games, user experience design and evaluation methods. I think that among all Computer Science fields, Human-Computer Interaction is the noblest because it shapes caring professionals who help humankind through technology. I applied to be an ambassador because I believe that we need to spread the word about HCI. Furthermore, I’m aware that some current contributors to the field could benefit from joining our community and showcasing their work.

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