Loren Terveen in SIGCHI Leaders

Loren Terveen

Distinguished Professor, University of Minnesota

Loren Terveen is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota.  His research area is social computing, with a focus on peer production systems and quantitative analysis of social media data. His research is empirical, beginning with studies of important problems, creating innovative systems based on study results, and evaluating these systems through field studies.



1. What is your role on the SIGCHI executive committee? Why are you interested in serving the community in this role?

I am the President. I agreed to run for this position in order to give back to the community that has been my professional home for the past 25 years. I see the role of President as an opportunity to support and empower the whole community, in all its diversity.

(Link to bylaws)

2. What is the impact SIGCHI has on the HCI world?

We organize showcase events for community members from around the world to come together to present their work and to meet each other. including our 20+ sponsored conferences (see https://sigchi.org/conferences/).  Our conferences attract over 9000 attendees each year.


3. How is SIGCHI essential for keeping and growing the HCI community?

Growing the community has been a big focus of SIGCHI over the past decade, and SIGCHI has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this. Initiatives include:
– Major expansion of SIGCHI activities into eastern Asia. This included locating many of our conferences in the region, including not just CHI 2015 in Korea, but also other of our large conferences such as CSCW, Ubicomp, and UIST.
– Growth of our local chapters around the world, including in a number of Southeast Asian countries. Financial benefits for local chapter officers to help support them in their activities.
– Many student scholarship programs, to support students participating in SIGCHI conferences and events.
– Sponsorship of HCI Summer/Winter Schools around the world, which have brought together hundreds of students to learn state of the art HCI methods and learn about emerging HCI research topics.
– Sponsorship of activities and events focus on supporting developing HCI communities around the world (e.g., in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America) and to integrate them into the global HCI community.
– Sponsorship of Diversity and Inclusion events, including at the CHI conference, to enrich our community by bringing in previously unheard voices and perspectives.


4. Is there room for improvement in SIGCHI as an entity? How might we think about SIGCHI a bit differently?

There’s always room for improvement! We certainly need to continue our focus on diversity and inclusion (in the broadest possible sense) as I already mentioned. But another goal I’ve had for 15+ years is better transparency. Often people ask questions like “Why is the CHI Conference so expensive?” “How do decisions about the reviewing process get made?” “How does one get to become an Associate Chair for the CHI (or UIST or ICMI or RecSys…) conference?” We both want to offer comprehensible answers to these questions as well as tweak these processes to make them more open from the beginning.


5. What is your favourite part about being a SIGCHI member?

The opportunities it gives me to hear about exciting work, talk to old friends, and meet new ones.


6. Write down 3 awesome reasons why everybody should be part of the SIGCHI community.

    1. You get reduced registration rates at 20+ great conferences.
    2. You have many funding opportunities to support your own initiatives.
    3. You get to be part of the most diverse and one of the most dynamic communities within Computing.


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