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Communications Committee

Chair:Pejman Mirza-Babaei, Vice President for Membership and Communications (interim),


Communications Committee

Name Position Email
Pejman Mirza-Babaei Interim VP of Membership and Communications
Sian Lindley CHI Lites Program
Stefan Manjolovic Social Media Communication
Marianna Obrist Lead Ambassador Program
Lindsay Reynolds Coordination Ops/Comm Team
Victoria Sosik Strategic Development Membership Benefits

Conferences Board

The SIGCHI Conferences Board is a committee which supports the Vice President of Conferences in SIGCHI Conference related activities. Its membership is approved by the SIGCHI Executive Committee and includes nominees from the Vice President of Conferences and the SIGCHI Council of Steering Committee Chairs (CSCC), outlined below. Members of this committee typically hold the role of incoming, current or past conference Steering Committee (SC) chair for a SIGCHI specialized conference or CHI, or have commensurate levels of experience with conference management. The current board for 2018 includes:

Chair: Aaron Quigley, Vice President for Conferences,

Name Position Email
Lora Aroyo UMAP Steering Committee Chair l.m.aroyo_at_gmail_dot_com
Vanessa Evers Former TEI Steering Committee Chair
Pamela J Hinds Former CSCW Steering Committee Chair
Andrew Kun Auto-UI Steering Committee Co-Chair
Anind Dey External member and Former UbiComp Steering Committee Chair anind_at_uw_dot_edu
Kris Luyten EICS Steering Committee Chair
Aaron Quigley Vice President for Conferences and former MobileHCI Steering Committee Chair

SIGCHI conferences working group

This working group supports the ACM SIGCHI Vice President for Conferences in operational aspects of the SIGCHI conference series e.g. banner development, calendar management, in-cooperation approvals

  • Luigi De Russis, 
Politecnico di Torino – Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica, (Italy)
  • Swathi Jagannath, 
Drexel University (USA)
  • Max L. Wilson, 
University of Nottingham (UK)

Operations Committee

Chair: David A. Shamma, Vice President for Operations


SIGCHI Conferences

Name Position Email
David A. Shamma VP of Operations
Fred Sampson Past VP of Operations
Scooter Morris Past VP for Conferences
David Lindlbauer Video Capture
Roman Rädle Video Capture
Max Van Kleek Review/Submission Process
Lindsay Reynolds Conference Archive
Madeline E. Smith Conference Archive
Patrick Gage Kelley Design

Council of Steering Committee Chairs

When a conference has been organized under the auspices of SIGCHI with the (co-)sponsored status (of at least 50%), the VP for Conferences will support the creation of a steering committee (SC) for that conference (if not already existing). The chair of this committee will be the privileged contact point with SIGCHI EC and VP for Conferences providing feedback on the issues faced by the conference series and transferring information and procedures to the organizers of the next conferences of that series. The chair will become a member of SIGCHI Council of Steering Committee Chairs (CSCC).

This list was last updated on November 7th, 2018.

Conference Steering Committee
Committee Chair
Note Email
AutoUI Andrew Kun Co-Chair
Albrecht Schmidt Co-Chair
CHI Play Daniel Johnson
CHI Philippe Palanque
CI: Collective Intelligence Thomas Malone
C&C: Creativity and Cognition Brian Bailey [3]
CSCW Amy Bruckman
DIS Steve Harrison [4]
EICS Kris Luyten
ETRA Andrew Duchowski
GROUP Pernille Bjorn
HRI Bilge Mutlu Co-Chair
Gerhard Sagerer Co-Chair
ICMI Louis-Philippe Morency
IDC Ole Sejer Iversen Co-Chair
Chris Quintana Co-Chair
ISS Miguel Nacenta [2]
IUI Tsvi Kuflik
MobileHCI Kaisa Väänänen
RecSyS Robin Burke
SUI Evan Suma Rosenberg
TEI Saskia Bakker
TVX David Geerts
UbiComp Julie Kientz
UIST Scott Hudson
UMAP Lora Aroyo
VRST Yoshifumi Kitamura


  1. Collaboration across Boundaries: Culture, Distance, & Technology (CABS) retired as a conference series in 2017.
  2. ISS was formerly called ITS
  3. Held annually since 2017 and every two years before that
  4. Held annually since 2016 and every two years before that.
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Research Ethics Committee

The SIGCHI Research Ethics Committee is an appointed committee that facilitates community conversations about ethical issues, and reviews SIGCHI policies and procedures relevant to ethics.

Chair: Amy Bruckman

Contact the group on Facebook:


Name Institution
Amy Bruckman Georgia Institute of Technology
Michael Muller IBM
Melissa Densmore University of Cape Town
Casey Fiesler CU Boulder
Chris Frauenberger Vienna University of Technology
Jeff Hancock Stanford
Bob Kraut CMU
Cosmin Munteanu University of Toronto
Katie Shilton University of Maryland
Janice Tsai Mozilla
Jenny Waycott University of Melbourne

Asian Development Committee


Name Position Email
Anirudha Joshi Liaison for India
Jinwoo Kim Liaison for The Republic of Korea
Yoshifumi Kitamura Liaison for Japan
Zhengjie Liu Liaison for China or
Eunice Sari Liaison for South East Asia or


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