Collaborative Learning of Usability Experiences (CLUE)

Designing New Physical Interactions

Presenter Sowmya Somanath, Assistant Professor, University of Victoria Abstract We live in a time where we are increasingly spending more hours of our day in the virtual world facilitated by digital interfaces such as smartphone apps, video conferencing tools and…

Caregivers, Older Adults & Technology

Presenter Celine Latulilpe, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba Abstract As the population ages, a new type of digital user emerges: the caregiver proxy. Caregivers are people who help older adults with daily living, including social activities, health and wellness, shopping,…

Sketching in Research: Theory and Practice

Presenter Miriam Sturdee, Research Fellow, Lancaster University Abstract Sketching is a practical, hands-on activity which encourages active listening, creative and visual thinking, and can be used as a form of communication between diverse groups. Sketches can be artifacts, data, tools…

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