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SIGCHI Local Chapters are unique in bringing locally together practitioners, academics and students in the field of HCI.

Chapters offer a range of benefits to their members. While each chapter has its own approach, most offer presentations from invited speakers, networking opportunities, and job boards. Some chapters host their own local conferences and hold contests for students.

SIGCHI Vice President for Local Chapters, Tuomo Kujala, sigchi-vp-chapters at acm.org.

How To Start
If you need help in starting or re-starting a chapter and for other questions about SIGCHI local chapters, contact the SIGCHI VP for Local Chapters.

Start a Professional SIGCHI Chapter – ACM Online Chapter Formation (How-To-Start [pdf])

Start a Student Local SIGCHI Chapter (How-To-Start [pdf])

Chapters Columns in the Interactions magazine’s Community Square

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Contact sigchi-vp-chapters at acm.org if you are interested in writing a column on your Chapter (three columns per year).

SIGCHI Local Chapters Index

Below is a listing of SIGCHI Local Chapters worldwide.

To update your Local SIGCHI Chapter information, please send a message to ACM and SIGCHI representatives containing the information to be updated.

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Find a chapter near you:
Africa, Americas (outside USA), Asia/Pacific, Europe, United States.


Wananchi, Nairobi. Chartered Chapter. Contact: kagonya at kagonya.net, Kagonya Awori
Windhoek ACM SIGCHI, Windhoek. Chartered Chapter. Contact: apeters at nust.na, Anicia Peters

Americas (outside USA)

Brazil CHI, Ceara. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: elizabet at unifor.br, Elizabeth Sucupira Furtado.
CapCHI, Ottawa. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: chair at capchi.org, Professor Robert Biddle.
TorCHI, Toronto. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: takesh at gmail.com, Harumi Takesh.
Chile SIGCHI, Valparaiso. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: chair at Chile SIGCHI, Dr. Cristian Rusu.
Mexico ACM SIGCHI, Mexico City. Chartered Chapter.  Contact: vicmgyg at gmail.com.

Asia / Pacific

SIGCHI China. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: acm.sigchi.china.chapter at iel.iscas.ac.cn.
North India ACM SIGCHI, Allahabad. Chartered Chapter. Contact: sigchi at iiita.ac.in or or Anupam Agrawal.
Indonesia ACM SIGCHI, Semarang. Chartered Chapter. Contact: eunice.sari at gmail.com, Dr. Eunice Sari.
Iran ACM SIGCHI, Tehran. Chartered Chapter. Contact: kaveh.bazargan at gmail.com, Dr. Kaveh Bazargan
IsraHCI, Tel Aviv. Chartered Chapter. Contact: info at israhci.org
SIGCHI Korea, Seoul. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chi-Korea at acm.org or Jee-In Kim.
New Zealand
SIGCHI_NZ, Palmerston Nth. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chi-SIGCHI-NZ at acm.org.


Taipei ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Taipei. Chartered Chapter. Contact: haochuan at cs.nthu.edu.tw


SIGCHI.be, Chartered Chapter. Contact: SIGCHI.be at acm.org. or Johan Verhaegen, +32 (0)15 40 01 38.
Cyprus SIGCHI, Cyprus. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: fernando.loizides at cut.ac.cy.
Czech Republic
SIGCHI.cz, Prague. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: Luboš Plotěný lubos.ploteny at sigchi.cz.
Estonian SIGCHI Professional Chapter of ACM, Tallinn. Chartered Chapter. Contact: David Lamas.
SIGCHI Finland, Sonera. Chartered Chapter. Contact: Virpi.Roto at gmail.com.
Toulouse SIGCHI, Toulouse. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chi-Toulouse at acm.org or Jean-Leon Bouraoui, +33 5 61 55 62 58.
SIGCHI Paris. Chartered Chapter. Contact: sigchi.paris at gmail.com or Emmanuel Pietriga.
Greek ACM SIGCHI Chapter (GrCHI), Athens. Chartered Chapter. Contact: greekchi at acm.org.
Ireland ACM SIGCHI, Dublin. Chartered Chapter. Contact: gavin.doherty at cs.tcd.ie.
SIGCHI Italy, Povo, Trento. Chartered Chapter. Contact: zancana@fbk.eu or Massimo Zancanaro +39 0461 314586.
CHI Poland (CHI Polska), Warsaw. Chartered Chapter. Contact: info at hci.org.pl.
RoCHI, Bucuresti. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chi-Romania at acm.org or Dorian Gorgan.
Central Russia ACM SIGCHI, Moscow. Chartered Chapter. Contact: Ivan at interUX.com.
Spain ACM SIGCHI, San Mateo. Chartered Chapter. Contact: angel.puerta at redwhale.com.
STIMDI Prospective Chapter. Contact: kontakt@stimdi.se
SwissCHI, Zürich. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: Dr. Daniel Felix, felix at easy-to-use.ch, +41444465050.
UK ACM SIGCHI, Newcastle. Chartered Chapter. Contact: Prof Shaun Lawson, slawson at lincoln.ac.uk

United States

BayCHI, San Fransisco Bay Area. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chair at baychi.org.
CHI-Atlanta, Atlanta. Chartered Chapter.
Contact: chi-Atlanta at acm.org .
CHI ISU, Iowa State University. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: chi-ISU at acm.org or Debra Satterfield, +1 515 294 2725.
BostonCHI, Greater Boston. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chair at bostonchi.org or Rachel Kern.
Michigan ACM SIGCHI, Ann Arbor. Chartered Chapter. Contact: jcr at jcrdesign.com.
University of Michigan ACM Student SIGCHI, Ann Arbor. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: sochi-officers at umich.edu.
GatewayCHI, St. Louis. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chi-St-Louis at acm.org or Jerry Weinberg, +1 618-650-2368.
New York
Rochester Institute of Technology ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Rochester. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: sm2550 at rit.edu, Chair Sabari Nathan Masilamani.
CHIFOO, Portland. Chartered Chapter. Contact: secretary at chifoo.org or Leo Frishberg, +1 (503) 750-6007.
PhillyCHI, Philadelphia. Chartered Chapter. Contact: phillychi at gmail.com.
NUCHI, Provo. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chi-NUCHI at acm.org or Grant Skousen.
GMU SIGCHI, Fairfax. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: chi-GeorgeMason at acm.org or Ken Robinson , +1 703 993 4667.
Puget Sound SIGCHI, Bellevue. Chartered Chapter. Contact: pssigchi at gmail.com or Josh LaMar.

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