Inclusion Teams

Geographic Inclusion
Prabhakar, Annu (prabhaab)
Ishtiaque Ahmed
Cleidson Ronald Botelho de Souza
This team is exploring three areas to support geographic inclusion within SIGCHI: Regional specific events, collaborations and support of scholarly work, highlighting regional research collaboration.

Inclusion Team for Data
Michael Muller
Jofish Kaye
Data Team has been working with the ACM to standardize the questions for gathering demographic data across the entire ACM. This is using a discussion which started within SIGCHI as a basis. They will also be helping to create one combine Inclusion survey to be sent to the SIGCHI membership.

Johnsen, Jessica A

STRiDE SiG (Striving Towards Representing the Diversity and Equity of Sexualities and Genders)
Morgan Klaus Scheuerman
This team is focusing on support for gender & sexual identity inclusion across all SIGCHI conferences. They are asking how gender & identity can be included, in writing, reading,  and reviewing and exploring dissemination of information in different forms to different members.

Accessibility Inclusion Team
Siddharth Mehrotra
Collaboration with SICHI Accessibility Group, addressing the issue of Content Accessibility that was raised as an unmet goal in their Accessibility Report with a specific focus on ‘creating guidelines to use as a standard’. 

Research Inclusion Team
Katie Wainwright (Google Researcher ChromeOS + Chromebooks a11y UX Researcher)  
This team is exploring how to leverage the research currently being led by many HCI researchers and understanding how to apply  it to the challenges that face the SIGCHI professional community both for academic and industry professionals. They have begun by working on survey questions for the survey.