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The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI) is the world’s largest association of professionals who work in the research and practice of computer-human interaction. We are an interdisciplinary group of computer scientists, software engineers, psychologists, interaction designers, graphic designers, sociologists, multi-media designers, and anthropologists, just to name some of the domains whose special expertise come to bear in this area. What brings us together is a shared understanding that designing useful and usable technology is an interdisciplinary process, and when done properly it has the power to transform persons’ lives. SIGCHI has more than forty active local chapters across six continents, to promote local support networks for HCI professionals. SIGCHI members receive registration discounts to SIGCHI-sponsored and co-sponsored conferences, a subscription to Interactions magazine, and the monthly electronic ACM SIGCHI TechNews. SIGCHI membership also grants access to all SIGCHI publications in the ACM Digital Library. You can also proudly place this membership on your CVs as your career progresses.

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You can follow this guide for signing up on the ACM website: How do I sign up for a SIGCHI membership?

SIGCHI Membership Benefits

Your SIGCHI membership is essential for receiving funding from SIGCHI initiatives such as the Student Travel Grants, Development Fund,  and all other SIGCHI-related activities.

For MS/PhD students who are new to the HCI Community, SIGCHI offers the possibility to connect to researchers in your area either by attending events of ACM local chapters or by participating in an ACM SIGCHI conference. As a member of SIGCHI, you can find a local student chapter if you want to organize HCI activities and events in your region. You are also able to apply for a Student Travel Grant and you can become a Student Volunteer at some SIGCHI-sponsored conferences.

If you are a Postdoc or an early career researcher, there are several ways you can impact the HCI community. For example, you can create a regular ACM chapter or a community of researchers on a special topic, or have access to teaching resources that can help you develop the lectures you  give at your university.

Industry practitioners interested in human-computer interaction can keep track of developments in the HCI community by having access to the latest work of SIGCHI members though the ACM Digital Library and Interactions magazine.

As an established faculty member, researcher, or practitioner you might be ready to shape the HCI community by chairing, organizing, and running SIGCHI sponsored or in-cooperation conferences. Awards like the CHI Academy or for outstanding contributions at conferences can help you advance your career.

Senior SIGCHI members with an interest in nurturing the HCI community may consider to mentor students or engage with the community. For example, you may nominate yourself at conferences such as CHI to participate in the Rock Star lunches for student volunteers, sign up for the ACM Distinguished Speaker program to spread the word about HCI, or become the chair of a Doctoral Consortium at one of the many SIGCHI conferences.

For other member benefits available to SIGCHI members, please contact us at sigchi-vp-operations at

SIGCHI Membership Fees

There are several ratings for the SIGCHI membership fees. The following rates provide ratings for reference as of February 2021:

  • SIGCHI Professional Membership
    Standard: $55
    Level 2 Countries*: $33
    Level 3 Countries:* $22
  • SIGCHI Student Membership
    Standard: $19
    Level 2 Countries*: $9
    Level 3 Countries*: $6

* The categorisation of countries for reduction rates follows the associated regulations of the ACM.

ACM Membership

ACM is the parent organization of SIGCHI; it sponsors several Special Interest Groups (SIGs), of which SIGCHI is one. ACM members receive monthly issues of the Communications of the ACM, discounts on conference registrations, and additional benefits. Find out more about how to join ACM, current membership dues, the benefits of membership, and more on the ACM Membership homepage.

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