Community Support

This page has been updated at the start of 2019 to describe a new structure for support in SIGCHI across the four areas of (1) Development, (2) Students, (3) Early Career and (4) Conferences.

1. Development

Before 2019, the SIGCHI Executive Committee revised and developed a number of new guidelines and dedicated initiatives under its “SIGCHI Development Fund” program which included:

  • Internationalisation, Diversity and Inclusion events upto $5,000 at our SIGCHI Sponsored Conferences (see former page)
  • Supporting HCI in Developing Worlds (see guidelines)
  • Summer/Winter Schools upto $12,000 (see former page)

Rather than having dedicated calls per initiative from the start of 2019 all of these initiatives have been incorporated back into our single “SIGCHI Development Fund” with regular calls. At each call, applicants can apply for any type of support (as described on “SIGCHI Development Fund” Program page).

From January of 2019, if you are planning a submission at the time of our regular calls, in one of the areas covered by a previous dedicated initiatives, then we would encourage you to review the former page/guidelines to see  what was asked for each such call in the past and model a new application on this.

ACM SIGCHI aims to support international and interdisciplinary initiatives for the exchange of ideas about the field of human-computer interaction. The SIGCHI Executive Committee “Development Fund” provides resources to alleviate some of the constraints that can stifle the exchange of ideas across our diverse community and around the world.

Please visit this page for more details on the ACM SIGCHI Development Fund.

2. Students

SIGCHI Student Travel Grant

The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant (SSTG) program is intended to enable students who lack other support opportunities to attend SIGCHI sponsored or co-sponsored conferences (HRI, IUI, TEI, C&C, DIS, EICS, IDC, TVX, CI, UMAP, CSCW, MobileHCI, RecSYS, UbiComp, CHI Play, ETRA, SUI, UIST, AutoUI, GROUP, ICMI, ISS, VRST and CHI). This travel grant is intended to support students whose intention is to present at a SIGCHI sponsored conference, not just attend. The goal  is to pre-approve students for grants before a conference’s earliest submission deadline, so that if a student gets a submission accepted, that student can count on having a grant awarded for travel to the conference. Please visit this page to learn about the eligibility, application deadlines, process to apply, application and evaluation criteria of the SSTG. [See linked page for specific deadlines per conference]

Gary Marsden Student Development

In recognition of Gary Marsden’s contributions and inspiration in HCI4D and support of HCI in the developing world, ACM SIGCHI established the Gary Marsden Student Development in 2015. This support is especially intended for sponsoring postgraduate students (Master or PhD degree) from and currently based in developing countries to attend SIGCHI (co)sponsored conferences as well as other HCI relevant conferences. [See linked page for specific deadlines for submissions]

3. Early Career

This ACM SIGCHI Early Career Mentorship for Developing Communities fund will support early-career scholars in HCI/UX from UNESCO’s list of developing countries to participate in a meeting for mentorship. Applicants must have received their PhD less than 5 years before applying to this fund and must be from and currently based in a UNESCO-defined developing country. Recipients are limited to one award from this fund. [See linked page for specific deadlines for submissions]

4. Conference Support

With its mission to develop the field of HCI, SIGCHI has been making efforts to create new and support existing conferences addressing specific topics of HCI. Based on the overall financial history of the conference series SIGCHI is providing financial resources through this ACM SIGCHI Specialized Conferences Development support to support activities that are helpful for (co-)sponsored specialized conferences. Please visit this page for an overview, link to the policy and how to apply, along with examples of prior applications and final reports submitted to the ACM SIGCHI Specialized Conferences Development. [Accepts rolling submissions]

In 2019 SIGCHI created the Global Community Development for Conferences (GCDC).
This is a program of support for researchers and practitioners from and working/studying in Economically Developing Countries which conference chairs and their steering committees can opt to partake in by applying as described.

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