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What are SIGCHI communities?

Communities are collections of people that are associated with SIGCHI who share a common interest. Communities may be geographic (many local SIGs would want to become a community) or they may be topical (UIST, CSCW, design, games, health care etc.) A community is a collection of people who, by banding together, can speak with a common voice within SIGCHI; can more effectively organize the activities that are of interest to them; and can obtain services that support their activities.

Who can join?

Anyone can join in with SIGCHI communities. All that is needed is a free ACM Web Account (use your existing account if you are already an ACM or SIGCHI member). Certain privileges are reserved for members of SIGCHI such as forming a new community, voting and holding elected offices within a community. Click here for information on becoming a SIGCHI member.


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