Executive Committee

ACM SIGCHI is run by the Executive Committee (EC), which includes elected officers, the immediate past Chair, editors of membership publications, and appointed office-holders. The ACM Structure and Function of a Typical SIG provides general details with respect to this committee.

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Contact: SIGCHI-EC at acm.org

Position Name Email
President Loren Terveen sigchi-president at acm.org
Executive Vice President Helena Mentis sigchi-Executive-VP at acm.org
Vice President for Membership and Communication Regina Bernhaupt sigchi-VP-membership at acm.org
Vice President for Finance Anirudha Joshi sigchi-VP-Finances at acm.org
Vice President at Large Susan Dray
Vice President at Large Sian Lindley
Vice President for Publications
(appointed Jul 2015)
Cliff Lampe sigchi-VP-Publications at acm.org
Vice President for Conferences
(appointed Aug 2016)
Aaron Quigley sigchi-VP-Conferences at acm.org
Vice President for Chapters
(appointed Jul 2015)
Tuomo Kujala sigchi-VP-chapters at acm.org
Vice President for Operations
(appointed Aug 2016)
Dan Olsen sigchi-VP-Operations at acm.org
Past President Gerrit van der Veer sigchi-past-president at acm.org

Editors-in-Chief of ACM Interactions

Gilbert Cockton and Simone Barbosa eic at interactions.acm.org
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ACM Liaison

Farrah Khan farrah.khan at hq.acm.org

Adjunct Chairs (and others)

Position Name Email
Adjunct Chair for CHI Philippe Palanque
Adjunct Chair for Awards Ben Bederson bederson at umd.edu
IFIP Liaison Gerrit van der Veer sigchi-AC-IFIP-liaison at acm.org
Adjunct Chair for SIGCHI Communities Dan Olsen olsen at SPARXTEQ.COM
Adjunct Chair for Career Development Sue Fussell sfussell at cornell.edu
CHI 2017 Liaison John “Scooter” Morris