Executive Committee

ACM SIGCHI is run by the Executive Committee (EC), which includes elected officers, the immediate past Chair, editors of membership publications, and appointed office-holders. The ACM Structure and Function of a Typical SIG provides general details with respect to this committee.

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Contact: SIGCHI-EC@acm.org

Name Position Email
Loren Terveen President sigchi-president@acm.org
Helena Mentis Executive Vice President sigchi-Executive-VP@acm.org
Regina Bernhaupt Vice President for Membership and Communication sigchi-VP-membership@acm.org
Anirudha Joshi Vice President for Finance sigchi-VP-Finances@acm.org
Susan Dray Vice President at Large
Sian Lindley Vice President at Large
Cliff Lampe Vice President for Publications, (appointed Jul 2015) sigchi-VP-Publications@acm.org
Aaron Quigley Vice President for Conferences, (appointed Aug 2016) sigchi-VP-Conferences@acm.org
Tuomo Kujala Vice President for Chapters, (appointed Jul 2015) sigchi-VP-chapters@acm.org
Dan Olsen Vice President for Operations, (appointed Aug 2016) sigchi-VP-Operations@acm.org
Gerrit van der Veer Past President sigchi-past-president@acm.org

Editors-in-Chief of ACM Interactions

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Name Position Email
Gilbert Cockton Editor-In-Chief eic@interactions.acm.org
Simone Barbosa Editor-In-Chief eic@interactions.acm.org

ACM Liaison

Name Email
Farrah Khan farrah.khan@hq.acm.org

Adjunct Chairs (and others)

Name Position Email
Philippe Palanque Adjunct Chair for CHI
Ben Bederson Adjunct Chair for Awards bederson@umd.edu
Gerrit van der Veer IFIP Liaison sigchi-AC-IFIP-liaison@acm.org
Dan Olsen Adjunct Chair for SIGCHI Communities olsen@SPARXTEQ.COM
Sue Fussell Adjunct Chair for Career Development sfussell@cornell.edu
Philippe Palanque CHI 2018 Liaison