Ethics Committee

The SIGCHI Research Ethics Committee is an appointed committee that facilitates community conversations about ethical issues, and reviews SIGCHI policies and procedures relevant to ethics.

Ebtisam Alabdulqader
King Saud University
Moinuddin Bhuiyan
ACM Dhaka SIGCHI Chapter
Melissa Densmore
University of Cape Town
Casey Fiesler
CU Boulder
Chris Frauenberger
Vienna University of Technology
Gloria Iyawa
Namibia University of Science and Technology
Kellie Morrissey
University of Limerick
Michael Muller
Cosmin Munteanu
University of Toronto
Evan Peck
Bucknell University
Janet C Read
Anxo Cereijo Roibas
Ministry of Justice UK
Katie Shilton
University of Maryland (Chair)
Özge Subaşı
Janice Tsai
Izak Van Zyl
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Ding Wang
Microsoft Research India

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