CSCW 2015

CSCW 2015 was held from March 14–18 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Table of Contents


General Co-Chairs

Andrea Forte, Drexel University

Dan Cosley, Cornell University

Papers & Notes Co-Chairs

Luigina Ciolfi, Sheffield Hallam University

David McDonald, University of Washington

Posters Co-Chairs

Karyn Moffatt, McGill University

Aleksandra Sarcevic, Drexel University

Panels Co-Chairs

Louise Barkhuus, Stockholm University

Anatoliy Gruzd, Ryerson University

Workshops Co-Chairs

Laura Dabbish, Carnegie Mellon University

Jenn Thom, Amazon

Demos Co-Chairs

Tomoo Inoue, University of Tsukuba

Tony Tang, University of Calgary

Publicity Co-Chairs

Moira Burke, Facebook

Elizabeth Gerber, Northwestern University

Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Microsoft

Dario Taraborelli, Wikimedia Foundation

Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs

Carl Gutwin, University of Saskatchewan

Abigail Sellen, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Student Volunteer Co-Chairs

Erin Brady, University of Rochester

Syavash Nobarany, University of British Columbia


Jeremy Birnholtz, Northwestern University

Proceedings Co-Chairs

Jacqueline Pike, Duquesne University

Andrea Wiggins, University of Maryland

Local Arrangements and Accessibility Co-Chairs

Serena Hillman, Simon Fraser University

Carman Neustaedter, Simon Fraser University

Sponsorship Co-Chairs

Sean Goggins, University of Missouri

Steve Poltrock

Graphic Design & Webmastering

Xiaohui Eva Luo, Georgia Institute of Technology

Elizabeth Murnane, Cornell University

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Survey Data

Survey data from conference attendees is available for download here: Survey_CSCW_2015.

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