CHI Lites 2019

CHI Lites 2019 brought you an evening of nine bite-sized talks on the future of life with technology.

An informal counterpart to the 2019 CHI conference on Human-Computer Interaction, which brought more than 3000 international
researchers to the SEC in Glasgow, CHI Lites offered an exclusive program open to the public.


CHI Lites 2019 Teaser

CHI Lites 2019: Megan Hofmann - Putting a 3D Printer in the doctor’s office

CHI Lites 2019: Nova Ahmed - Seeking social justice through digital storytelling

CHI Lites 2019: Dmitry Dereshev - What’s it like living with a companion robot?

CHI Lites 2019: S. Shyam Sundar - Do we trust machines too much?

CHI Lites 2019: Sandra Trullemans - Will new smart environments determine how we live?

CHI Lites 2019: Makuochi Nkwo - How can apps support sustainable behavior?

CHI Lites 2019: Débora Leal - Bringing the internet to the Brazilian Amazon

CHI Lites 2019: Leo Miyashita - Disguising reality with technolog

CHI Lites 2019: Joseph Konstan - What makes a good recommendation?

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Watch videos from CHI Lites Montreal in the archive, and learn more about CHI Lites here.


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