Chi-lites – Chris


Chris Speed

University of Edinburgh

Designing things with spending power

What happens when we give physical things wallets containing digital currencies? How can this alter power relationships and shift social dynamics? Chris Speed will explore these questions by highlighting the use of smart contracts in design, from a coffee machine that lets you vote for your coffee bean and pays those who clean it, to a hairdryer that trades on the energy market to offer the best price for drying your hair. As objects are connected to the Internet, forming the ‘Internet of Things’, Chris asks what happens when technologies are given their own spending power, and what this implies for the human.
About Chris Speed

Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh where his research focuses upon the Network Society, Interaction Design, and The Internet of Things. At present Chris is working on funded projects that include coffee cups as cryptocurrencies, internet of toilet roll holders, and an argument that chickens are actually robots. Chris co-directs the Centre for Design Informatics Research that is home to a combination of researchers working across the fields of interaction design, temporal design, anthropology, software engineering and smart contracts, as well as PhD, MA/MFA and MSc and Advanced MSc programmes.

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