CHI Lites Archive

CHI Lites is a series of bite-sized talks exploring the future of life with technology, brought to you by expert members of SIGCHI. It’s coming soon to Glasgow, but in the meantime you can watch videos of last year’s event here.


CHI Lites 2018 Teaser

CHI Lites 2018 - Jason Hong: What your smartphone knows about you

CHI Lites 2018 - Mary Czerwinski: Technology for health and wellbeing

CHI Lites 2018 - Chris Speed: Designing things with spending power

CHI Lites 2018 - Alissa Antle: Let’s get physical – learning to read!

CHI Lites 2018 - Mike Hazas: The electricity consumed by our digital lives

CHI Lites 2018 - Joel Fischer: The trouble with voice interfaces