CHI Lites Archive

CHI Lites Archive

CHI Lites is a series of bite-sized talks exploring the future of life with technology, brought to you by expert members of SIGCHI. It’s currently on a hiatus, but in the meantime you can watch videos of previous events here.


CHI Lites 2019 Teaser

CHI Lites 2019: Megan Hofmann - Putting a 3D Printer in the doctor’s office

CHI Lites 2019: Nova Ahmed - Seeking social justice through digital storytelling

CHI Lites 2019: Dmitry Dereshev - What’s it like living with a companion robot?

CHI Lites 2019: S. Shyam Sundar - Do we trust machines too much?

CHI Lites 2019: Sandra Trullemans - Will new smart environments determine how we live?

CHI Lites 2019: Makuochi Nkwo - How can apps support sustainable behavior?

CHI Lites 2019: Débora Leal - Bringing the internet to the Brazilian Amazon

CHI Lites 2019: Leo Miyashita - Disguising reality with technolog

CHI Lites 2019: Joseph Konstan - What makes a good recommendation?


CHI Lites 2018 Teaser

CHI Lites 2018 - Jason Hong: What your smartphone knows about you

CHI Lites 2018 - Mary Czerwinski: Technology for health and wellbeing

CHI Lites 2018 - Chris Speed: Designing things with spending power

CHI Lites 2018 - Alissa Antle: Let’s get physical – learning to read!

CHI Lites 2018 - Mike Hazas: The electricity consumed by our digital lives

CHI Lites 2018 - Joel Fischer: The trouble with voice interfaces