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About CHI Lites

CHI Lites is a new series of bite-sized talks exploring the future of life with technology, brought to you by expert members of SIGCHI.

SIGCHI is the premier international society for people interested in human-technology and human-computer interaction (also known as HCI). SIGCHI members include students, academics, researchers and practitioners. They design and develop new ways of interacting with technology, and consider the implications for individuals and society. They innovate, educate, and impact policy.

CHI Lites 2019

CHI Lites Glasgow is coming soon and is co-chaired by Siân Lindley (Microsoft Research) and Mohamed Khamis (University of Glasgow), with help from:

Design and Photography

  1. Sarah Bennett (University of Edinburgh)
  2. EunJeong Cheon (Indiana University)
  3. Varna Das (Indiana University)
  4. Jenny Vafeiadou (University College London)


  1. Amit Kumar Jaiswal (University of Bedfordshire)
  2. Elgin-Skye McLaren (Simon Fraser University)
  3. Ewan Soubutts (University of Bristol)


  1. Rachel Eardley (University of Bristol)
  2. Elena Márquez Segura (Uppsala University)
  3. Mihaela Vorvoreanu (Microsoft)

CHI Lites 2018

CHI Lites Montreal was produced by Siân Lindley (Microsoft Research) and Sarah Schoemann (Georgia Tech), with help from:

Design and Photography

  1. Marion Koelle (University of Passau)
  2. Yi-Chieh Lee (University of Illinois)
  3. Vickie Nguyen (University of Texas)
  4. Abhraneel Sarma (University of Michigan)
  5. Dishita Turakhia (MIT)
  6. Haining Zhu (Penn State University)


  1. Connor Esterwood (University of Tennessee at Knoxville)
  2. Sana Maqsood (Carleton University)
  3. Elgin-Skye McLaren (Simon Fraser University)


  1. Jimmy Paquet-Cormier (Royal College of Art)

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