SIGCHI Award Nominations Process

The deadline for all nominations is Jan 21, 2022.

Submit nominations here:

As of November, 2017, the nomination process has slightly changed. The selection subcommittees are now public, and there is a required nomination process. We welcome and encourage numerous nominations. Please keep in mind that lobbying (even informally) of committee members is not allowed.  Nominations are rolled over from year to year, but we encourage new nominations to be submitted for all candidates.

Nominations must include:

SIGCHI award nominations must include the following:  (See below for special instructions on submitting the Outstanding Dissertation Award.)

  • a brief summary (maximum 1,000 words) of how the nominee meets the criteria for the award
  • Name and contact information of the nominator
  • Names and contact information of two people who are knowledgeable about the qualifications of and endorse the nominee (nothing is required by the endorser beyond their agreement that the nominee deserves the award)

The Outstanding Dissertation Award follows a special process detailed here.

Queries should be submitted as follows:

NOTE: There is no ‘s’ at the end of ‘award’ in the following email addresses.

About the Awards Committees and the Decision Process

The SIGCHI awards are overseen by the SIGCHI Adjunct Chair for Awards, currently Josh Andres.  The awardees are selected from the nominations by the following committees that are appointed by the SIGCHI Executive Committee.

We follow the ACM awards committee conflict of interest process. Additionally, SIGCHI EC members are not eligible for awards (except for past presidents, who are). In practice, this means that the listed EC members from President through Vice President for Operations, as well as the Adjunct Chairs, are not eligible. Also note that subcommittee members are eligible for awards from other subcommittees.

Josh Andres
Adjunct Chair for Awards