DEPRECATED: Reimbursement Policy

This document no longer applies and has been replaced by the unified SIGCHI Volunteer Reimbursement Policy since March 23rd, 2016. This document remains here as a record only of this former policy.

DEPRECATED – SIGCHI Reimbursement Policy

All travel paid for by ACM SIGCHI is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Pre-approval of travel. All SIGCHI-paid travel must be pre-approved by the President of SIGCHI or by an officer to whom the President delegates that authority.
  • Travel to scheduled meetings (e.g., SIGCHI EC and CMC meetings, conference planning is approved through an invitation from the SIGCHI President, conference Chair, or other authorized individual.
  • Approval of a conference TMRF includes delegation of authority for travel approvals to the conference chair for all travel budgeted in that TMRF.
  • Approval of SIGCHI’s budget includes delegation of authority for travel specifically budgeted to the officer under whose portfolio that travel occurs.
  • Unbudgeted travel by SIGCHI’s President should be pre-approved by the VP for Finances. Unbudgeted travel by a conference Chair should be pre-approved by the SIGCHI President or an officer to whom the President delegates that authority.

Limitations on travel expenses. Persons traveling at SIGCHI’s expenses are spending membership dues and conference attendee fees, and accordingly are expected to take care to travel economically. Specifically:

  • Travel by air or train may not exceed $750 (for within-continent travel) or $1500 (for travel between continents) without prior, separate approval for the expense.
  • Travel by air must be in economy class. Business class travel may be approved only by SIGCHI’s President. Travelers may upgrade to Business class using their own frequent-flyer miles only when such upgrade does not increase the travel cost for SIGCHI.
  • Hotel accommodations must be at SIGCHI-contracted hotels, when so provided. When SIGCHI has not contracted for hotel space, accommodations should be at hotels no more expensive than 150% of the US State Department per diem hotel rate for the location. Exceptions must be pre-approved by SIGCHI’s President.


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