Data Release

SIGCHI Data Collection and Release Policy

Effective Date: June 1, 2014
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Responsible SIGCHI Officer: Vice-President for Conferences
Last updates
June 16, 2013 (Paris core-CMC meeting)
November 8, 2013 (Seoul core-CMC meeting)
March 1, 2014
This document specifies what data should be gathered by conference chairs to give to SIGCHI, the data format, what will happen to this data, and who will be allowed to access it. ACM and SIGCHI want to report on the quality and popularity of their conferences in their commitment to follow and promote best practices in scientific publication. However, ACM and SIGCHI are also committed to maintaining confidential information about the article selection process to comply with standard anonymity rules.

Data Collection

Data collected for each conference consists of five types
 Submission data
 Published data
 Attendance data
 Surveys
 Administrative organizational data

All SIGCHI sponsored conferences should collect all the data from the conferences and provide the following statistics:
 Acceptance rates for each publication type (for CHI, broken down by sub-committees)
 Conference attendance per country and others (continent) when possible
 Gross Budget Numbers
 Chairs’ report
 Satisfaction surveys
 Aggregate information about the number of reviews and reviewers by venue

In addition, SIGCHI uses the website to manage submissions and reviews. Each conference repository should be backed up by the conference chair at the end of the conference and given to the SIGCHI Vice President of Conferences.

Data Release

The standard location to access public collected data is:

On request, the SIGCHI CMC can release extra data for specified purposes such as improving SIGCHI events and processes, and furthering HCI research.

A proper request should be addressed to the SIGCHI Vice President of Conferences, and should describe:
 The goal and envisioned analyses
 The data requested
 The people allowed to access the data
 The data retention policy, including when the data will be deleted
 The approximate date for completion of the project

The request should also include commitments to:
 Maintain the confidentiality of the data
 Produce a final report that:
 Summarizes what was done with the data
 Highlights the major findings
 Provides copies of papers, reports or other deliverables
 Confirms that the proposed data retention policy has been enacted

The final report should be delivered to the SIGCHI Vice President of Conferences by the completion date; an extension should be requested if required.

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