CHI Conference: Compensation of Course Instructors

This document described the ACM SIGCHI policy of CHI Conference Compensation of Course Instructors which applied until CHI 2019 and prior years. The SIGCHI EC voted to remove this policy on August 2, 2019 and instead to ask the CHI Steering Committee to have their own policy.

There is now a new: CHI Steering Committee Policy for Compensation of Course Instructors and Course Budgets at CHI Conferences.

The following text no longer applies and is retained here for historical record only for the coming year.


Effective Date:
Replaces: Previous SIGCHI Tutorial Policy
Responsible SIGCHI Officer: Vice-President for Conferences


This policy has been adopted by the SIGCHI CMC to provide a clear statement of compensation for Course Instructors at SIGCHI sponsored conferences. This policy is intended to provide guidance to conference chairs, Courses chairs, and the conference committee.

This policy contains a full and complete statement of the compensation package for Course Instructors. No other stipends, reimbursements, or benefits are provided as a part of the compensation package. Alternate compensation and reimbursement for special needs will be provided only with explicit approval of the Conference Chairs in consultation with the SIGCHI Vice-President for Conferences.

Compensation is based on the number of course units taught. Each course unit is representative of one session of instruction without regard to the number of instructors. A course, in contrast, is a single course which may consist of one or more course units with one or more instructors.


An honorarium will be paid for each course unit taught. The honorarium may be shared between multiple instructors. The honorarium can be used directly to compensate for registration fees, as detailed in the courses chair form.

There is no separate transportation or subsistence allowance for course instructors. In addition, based upon the SIGCHI CMC Complimentary Registration, Conference Courtesies, and Conference Support policy, course instructors are not eligible for a complimentary registration on the basis of their being a courses instructor.

One copy of course notes for their courses will be provided to each instructor.

If the conference cancels a course due to low enrollment or other reasons not related to instructor performance or availability, the course instructor(s) will not be compensated.


If multiple instructors are teaching one course, a single instructor must be designated as the Primary Instructor, who will function as the principal contractor for the course with the conference. The Primary Instructor is responsible for all communication with the conference committee and staff and for coordination with the other instructors in order to provide the required materials in a timely manner and ensure the smooth operation of the course.

The Primary Instructor must provide detailed information to the conference Courses Chair for which a form will be provided[b1] .


All claims for honoraria should be submitted to the conference
Courses Chair within 60 days of the completion of the conference.
Claims submitted later cannot be guaranteed to be settled in a
timely or expeditious basis. The conference should endeavor to
make all reimbursements within 30 days of receipt of a claim.
Question: do we provide the course notes to the local chapters and how do we handle the rights management?
[b1]Form to be developed in negotiation between Ashley and Scooter
[b2]part of the form

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