A collection of resources to support global HCI Education.
About this collection
The educational resources hosted through SIGCHI have been voluntarily provided by members of the global HCI community. While these resources are currently curated by researchers associated SIGCHI, we are moving towards a more open and inclusive model that relies on the community for content generation, but also curation and maintenance over time.
If you would like to submit a resource to this collection or otherwise contribute to the project, please email

Listings include: General introductory or survey courses,  general advanced or capstone courses, technology development and programming courses, and specialized courses (with topics including accessibility, CSCW, information visualization, digital art…).

This resource is not intended as an up-to-the-second,  comprehensive catalogue: rather, it is designed to give students an idea of the possibilities available for conducting industry research.

As an interdisciplinary field there is no definitive textbook, journal article, or even conference that encompasses HCI. Still, there are resources that are used again and again. Our list of these resources can be found here.

To support a better understanding of the HCI community through visual search and analysis, we offer visualizations of CHI 2014 contributions as well as access to a complete geo-referenced data set.

Position papers on HCI Education

Compiled for a CHI 2014 workshop, “Designing a living curriculum to support global HCI Education.”
External Links
A curated list of resources designed to support HCI education. Highlights include a list of courses not part of formal degree programs, and information on websites supporting books used in HCI education.

Full text of every article ever published by ACM and bibliographic citations from major publishers in computing.

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